Radio Ruins (2022)

Radio Ruins: Lost and Sound exhibition (2022)
Guest editor: Stanisław Liguziński
Curation: Martina Raponi, Belle Phromchanya, Eden Mitsenmacher
Featuring works by: Hasna El Ouali, Dasha Starostin, Eli Hooper, Federico Ramírez Hönack, Johannes Heißenberg, Keo Borejszo, Kirwin Lonwijk, Ringaile Demšyte, Vanya Tretyakov, Vera Serlier, Victoria McGuire, Yasemin Kevser
Time is the New Space, Rotterdam

Radio Ruins: Lost and Sound is a multimedia installation created in collaboration between an external guest editor, WdKA’s Sound Studio and Operator Radio. The project is an exploration of the materiality of sound and its journey through time, space and media. The exhibition consists of a collection of modified thrift store cassette tapes and a radio broadcast featuring the collective’s research. Visitors are encouraged to explore the sound through listening, as well as discover the stories behind these sounds. Through this interactive exploration process, the collective explores the ways in which sound affects objects and bodies, and address the past, present and future.