• Idol (2023)

    MOMO FESTIVAL (2023)
    Curation: Nikki Georgiou
    Arminius Church, Rotterdam

    Re-build (2023)
    Curation: Nart Ozel, Samyuktha “Sam” Rajagopal
    Featuring works by: Brody van Muijden, Geertje Brandenburg, Niya Tsenkova, Sakhi, Jochem Mestriner, Joseph Thabang Palframan
    De Hillevliet, Rotterdam

    Upcycled synthetic materials, LED light, bolts, ratchet strap, 45×250x45cm. Part of (IM)PERMANENT series.

    Idol was commissioned to be displayed during the Motel Mozaique annual festival in 2023. This ambitious piece seeks to illustrate the fluidity of contemporary identity and the culture of Rotterdam by merging traditional iconography and archetypes with advanced digital techniques. The iconographic symbolism featured in this work strives to explore the ambivalences of present-day identity; by emphasising both a reflection of the past and a search for a new form of self-realisation. Its purpose further develops the notion of modern-day liminality, providing a window into a speculative future whilst simultaneously evoking the death of the traditional deity-image.

  • Cycle 1 (2022)

    Retelling Utopia: Unfolding Spaces exhibition (2022)
    Part of Fluctoplasma Festival’s programme
    Curation: Nina Reiprich
    Westwerk, Hamburg

    Steel lighbox with tracing paper prints behind satin glass, 100×100x30cm. Part of Post-Dam Forest series.

    When we hear the words “city” and “water” together, most of us conjure up images of harbors, dams or floating structures. We grew up in places where people exercised their control over nature. It is a phenomenon that has brought us this far. Yet we are now beginning to realize that our way of life is not sustainable. But is there no alternative to this? Can’t we build cities that help us regain intimacy with nature?

    Post-Dam Forest is a speculative design project that revolves around a utopian vision for a future Rotterdam in the face of a climate catastrophe. Inspired by works by Constant Nieuwenhuys, Metabolist architecture movement, a childhood spent in communist flats, and life among the mise-en-scene of the port of Rotterdam, the design acts as a commentary on current issues such as the housing crisis, immigration, and the climate catastrophe.

  • Ovation (2022)

    Heart Work Heroes (2022)
    With works by: Atelier van Lieshout, Iwan Smit, Barbara Helmer, Tymon de Laat, Clemens Briels, Joni Kling, Robert Rost, Ahmed Aboutaleb & the children from Bloemhof, Pietra Ligura & Ted Langenbach, Marcel Labrie, Vera Nederlof, Kiatisak Sukantha, Assadawut, AAA Fresh, Jenn Lärche, Beverwaard, Supisara Chotika, Kinderparadijs, Julia Tomecka, Robert van der Kroft, Nuttawit Pimros, Eelke Bekkenrutte, Chanatip, Supalak Thipsing, Sutasinee, Siwach Kwankaew, Nutsara Chuasamum, Kevin Langedijk, Egon de Regt, ELLE, Luxje, Paul Ouwerkerk, Lauressa Broos, Medina Liceyna, Evi Beek, Janneke Wing, Mignon Nusteling, Melissa Moria, Linda van Zanten, Kees Kreuter
    Schouwburgplein and Erasmus MC, Rotterdam

    Heart Work Heroes is the largest open-air exhibition of healthcare in the Netherlands, featuring over 41 statues adorned by local artists, scattered throughout Rotterdam. The exhibition seeks to show appreciation for healthcare workers in a positive and colorful way. The design ‘Ovation’, which won an art competition, was placed in a guest spot for an emerging artist and was shown from the 18th of May through the 27th of June 2022 at Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam.

    Unfortunately, riots following a Feyenoord football match damaged the artwork. In September, it was readjusted during a live-paint session at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. The artwork was auctioned off in October and sold to the municipality of Rotterdam, where it now resides in the Timmerhuis building.