=c Flash • 2021

A digitally rendered ongoing series of black-and white drawings made to be used as a reference for a tattoo.

The designs are built around a modern-day mythology told in pictures, incorporating short one-sheet stories as well as some that arch over multiple sheets. There is no right way of reading them as the stories vary from each viewers interpretation.

Blok Paintings • 2021

“Blok” is a grey, concrete, low-cost apartment building.
It’s a place people live in, but it also lives in people.

Inspired by a year in isolation, Blok is an ongoing painting series exploring themes of hauntology and the unconscious.

Exhibited in Red Floor Gallery’s pop-up group show “Dit is Culture” located in Alexandrium Shopping Centre.

The works are available for purchase in the Shop.

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PSA2020 • Video Game Project

An independent video game project started in march 2020 during the global pandemic.

PSA2020 is a surrealist role-playing-game (RPG) exploring themes of mental health and life in quarantine. Following Jane’s journey through the fever-dream like world where the story slowly unfolds as you delve deeper into the world of the unconscious.

Latest updates and information can be found on the game’s Discord server, Reddit page and in devlogs on YouTube.

We Are Data • 2021

We have finally achieved Immortality. Our beings are transported into the digital realm where they can all live forever.

To save as much data as possible, we are reduced to our most essential selves. On monotone canvases of 13 x 17 pixels our portraits are saved into the cyberspace.

In this ongoing series of portraits I explore themes of immortality, digitalism, collectivism and mass surveillance.

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