Blok • 2021 –

Untitled (2022)
acrylic on canvas • 60x60cm

The ongoing painting series “Blok” was created during the global quarantine, drawing inspiration from wandering thoughts and dreams. This collection reflects a mental limbo, a liminal place of transition and self-reflection which both physically and mentally encompasses a limited space. Stojanowicz’s pixelated black-and-white paintings visualize the idea of a “grey, concrete apartment complex,” a place where people live, yet simultaneously is embedded in those who inhabit it. This space serves as a reminder of our limited memory, which stores everything in low resolution.

Untitled (2022)
acrylic on canvas • 60x80cm

Dream 6 (2022)
acrylic on canvas • 50x70cm
Dream 4 (2022)
acrylic on canvas • 20x20cm
Dream 5 (2022)
acrylic on canvas • 50x50cm
Better Times (2021)
acrylic on canvas • 100x100cm
Dream 2 (2021)
acrylic on canvas • 28x68cm
In Your Area (2021)
acrylic on canvas • 24x30cm
Dream 3 (2021)
acrylic on canvas • 27x28cm
11AM Sense of Dread (2021)
acrylic on canvas • 60x80cm
Dream 1 (2021)
acrylic on canvas • 50x70cm

Featured shows

2022 – Crisiskunst 010. Galerie Niffo. Rotterdam

2022 – Eigen Domein. LOU Oudenoord. Utrecht

2022 – Place to Be. Galerie Pouloeuff. Naarden

2021 – House Peace. Hotel Mokum, Amsterdam

2021 – Dit is Culture. Red Floor Gallery, Rotterdam


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