BLOK (2021-2022)

BLOK (2021-2022)

The ongoing painting series “Blok” was created during the global quarantine, drawing inspiration from wandering thoughts and dreams. This collection reflects a mental limbo, a liminal place of transition and self-reflection which both physically and mentally encompasses a limited space. Stojanowicz’s pixelated black-and-white paintings visualize the idea of a “grey, concrete apartment complex,” a place where people live, yet simultaneously is embedded in those who inhabit it. This space serves as a reminder of our limited memory, which stores everything in low resolution.


Place to Be (2022)
Curation: Ine van der Horn
With works by: Renée Verberne, Emilio Timp, Benjamin Schoones, Nienke van der Burg, Myriam Gras
Galerie Pouloeuff, Naarden-Vesting

Eigen Domein (2022)
Curation: Maria Makridis
With works by: Siri Baggerman, Yana Daniyalian, Sofia Kapnissi, Maria Makridis, Jaap Rietema, Nyré Tiessen, Samuel Veenstra, Beau Voerman
LOU Oudenoord, Utrecht

House Peace (2021)
Hotel Mokum, Amsterdam

Dit is Culture (2021)
Red Floor Gallery, Alexandrium Shopping Centre, Rotterdam