Acrylic on paper, 21×29,7cm

The “We Are Data” project is an exploration of the impact of technology and digital culture on the traditional human experience of portraiture. The ongoing series began in 2021 and comprises of 40 paintings on A4 paper, created using digitised data from social media personas.


Trash in the Yard (2022)
Curation: Martina Raponi, Belle Phromchanya, Eden Mitsenmacher
Featuring works by: Hasna El Ouali, Dasha Starostin, Eli Hooper, Federico Ramírez Hönack, Johannes Heißenberg, Keo Borejszo, Kirwin Lonwijk, Ringaile Demšyte, Vanya Tretyakov, Vera Serlier, Victoria McGuire, Yasemin Kevser
Arboretum Trompenburg, Rotterdam

Place to Be (2022)
Curation: Ine van der Horn
Featuring works by: Renée Verberne, Emilio Timp, Benjamin Schoones, Nienke van der Burg, Myriam Gras
Galerie Pouloeuff, Naarden