de_fog (2023)

Snapshot from de_fog (2023)
virtual reality installation in unity engine • ~120 seconds
de_fog artifacts (2023)
video installation on a crt display played on a Sony Playstation 3 • 155 seconds

(im)material ruins exhibition (2023)
Video preface/introduction: Federico Campagna
Guest editor: Stanisław Liguziński
Curation: Martina Raponi, Belle Phromchanya, Eden Mitsenmacher
Featuring works by: Hasna El Ouali, Dasha Starostin, Eli Hooper, Federico Ramírez Hönack, Johannes Heißenberg, Keo Borejszo, Kirwin Lonwijk, Ringaile Demšyte, Vanya Tretyakov, Vera Serlier, Victoria McGuire, Yasemin Kevser
Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam

The collaborative research project “de_fog” explores how cultural artifacts can be manipulated through different media in times of crisis. Using a virtual reality environment, the project examines how digital objects and characters can be distorted to create new meanings and interpretations. This multimedia installation captures the transitory nature of digital media to create a liminal space in time.