IDOL_1 (2023)

IDOL_1 (2023)

Upcycled synthetic materials, LED light, bolts, ratchet strap, 45×250x45cm.

Idol was commissioned to be displayed during the Motel Mozaique annual festival in 2023. This ambitious piece seeks to illustrate the fluidity of contemporary identity and the culture of Rotterdam by merging traditional iconography and archetypes with advanced digital techniques. The iconographic symbolism featured in this work strives to explore the ambivalences of present-day identity; by emphasising both a reflection of the past and a search for a new form of self-realisation. Its purpose further develops the notion of modern-day liminality, providing a window into a speculative future whilst simultaneously evoking the death of the traditional deity-image.


Curation: Nikki Georgiou
Arminius Church, Rotterdam

Re-build (2023)
Curation: Nart Ozel, Samyuktha “Sam” Rajagopal
Featuring works by: Brody van Muijden, Geertje Brandenburg, Niya Tsenkova, Sakhi, Jochem Mestriner, Joseph Thabang Palframan
De Hillevliet, Rotterdam

Curation: Borbala Magdolna Pal
Featuring works by: Tyler Chan, Sina Dyks, Gaetan Langlois-Meurinne, Luvtoshima, Sunhyo Mast, Marysia Swietlicka
Baanhof, Rotterdam